Discover Your Personality Style!


Determining your natural personality style will help you realize why you may be able to connect really well with some people, but not as much with others.



Your results will help you set goals on areas you can strengthen that would lead to more valuable relationships with your team and customers.



Understanding every personality style of the DISC assessment will help you make the most of future communications. You will know exactly how to connect!


Think back to a time in your life where you realized there was a barrier in making a connection with someone, and that barrier caused a delay in solution of a problem you were facing. 
Imagine if that circumstance arose again, except this time you are able to effectively connect with that person. Wouldn't solving issues in a more timely manner create less stress and pressure, and generate more time to focus on more important objectives?

DISC Assessment and Training


2023 Virtual DISC Training Dates: 

April 15
June 17
August 19
October 21
December 16

After taking your DISC Assessment and receiving your PDF Analysis, attend one of the Live Virtual trainings from KylenHunt & Co. that is a deep dive into the DISC assessment and connecting with all styles while understanding your own!

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From Alyssa:

The DISC assessment was so powerful, because I was able to define my personality characteristics. Understanding my own style also helped me communicate more efficiently with other personality styles. It is so important for professional relationships to have successful communication strategies. 

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