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When you leave our Transformational Learning Program you will KNOW EXACTLY what it takes to become a TOP PRODUCER?  

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A Message from Kylen

My friend, for the first seveal years of my entrepreneurial (sales) career, I failed miserably! And these failures were driven by one absolute truth! I didn't understand the difference between REAL leadership and REAL management! Especially in terms of working with and implementing business cycles and sales cycles. I had to LEARN and KNOW these things to begin my journey to being a top producer in my industry. 

Unfortunately, there were three major problems that impacted me personally. 

1️⃣ I had no one to teach me the truth about the sales business - While there were successful people around me, I didn't know how to ask them for help. I didn't understand business coaching, sales coaching, sales processes, sales cycles, leadership improvement, and for sure not self improvement! I was living with the belief that some people were just "lucky" enough to be good at sales, good at business, and good at leadership. I was simply destined to be average. Hve you ever felt that way? 

I even attended sales training classes from some of the biggest names in the sales training industry! Sure, I learned a few things that made me some extra money, but I didn't learn enough to make me a top producer. This was very frustrating! Who wants to be average their entire career?

2️⃣ The technology age was GREATLY disrupting business (and still is today) - Regardless of how you feel about technology, the internet has changed and will continue to change buying and selling behavior. When I was getting into business the internet was new and it was disrupting communication! So guess what? It disrupted my business! Big time! Sales and business cycles and processes had to be changed quickly! And guess what? Those same changes are happening faster than ever today! How are we to stay ahead of all this? How do we live, work, and sell in a world that's living on information overload and continous social media distractions? Top producing salespeople, and entrepreneurs know exactly how to handle these challenges! 

3️⃣ I didn't realize personal leadership skills would either make me or break me - 30 years ago leadership training was just becoming a thing. I didn't think it was important for me because I was taught to simply work hard, put in longer hours, meet more people, convince people I was "different" than everyone else and I'd be super successful! While all those things are important, I later learned there is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT IN LEADERSHIP than KNOWING how to lead myself extremely well! Learning this one simple truth changed my life in unbelievable ways!

As a result of NOT KNOWING how to handle these issues I ended up going bankrupt and had to shut down my first business. I felt like a complete failure! 

However, that didn't keep me down. In 2009 I was introduced to a new opportunity and went back into business. But this time things were different. I'd learned the truth about AWARENESS, LEADERSHIP, and ultimately, the TRUTH ABOUT SELLING!

My friend, I'm no different than you. I've had some major success and I've had some major failures. And I've learned from both. Today I get the unbelievable opportunity to work with, learn from, and study great leaders and top producers from around the world. Some are known as entrepreneurs, some as leaders, some as great executives, and some are simply known as mom! But one thing is for sure. Every single one of these super successful people have mastered a few very specific soft skills that has positioned them at the TOP OF THEIR INDUSTRY. And as my good friend and mentor, John Maxwell would say, "There is a lot of room for more people at the top!"

Today I'm personally certifed as an Exectuive Director with Maxwell Leadership. This investment has given me access to multiple layers of top leadership and top managment training. And I want to share what I've learned with you! Most importantly is that top producers have great sales skills! 

Top Producers and Great Leaders - have Great Sales Skills! 

The simple and transformational truths I've learned from over 20 different leaders and 15 years of developing entrepreneurs became the foundation for the Transformational Learning System. It doesn't matter how much individual sales training or leadership training you've had. Training programs that are not implemented systematically and uniformly into the sales and business processes with GREAT PERSONAL LEADERSHIP, will deliver average results at best! So if you're content being average, this training is not for you!

Let's wrap this up. We're living in a new economy where old sales training programs and old techniques simply do not work! An economy where everyone is influenced by the internet and influenced by many different ways of thinking. So with that said, the skills we're bringing to the marketplace are quite simply, PRICELESS! In fact, it's more than just a benefit to your sales efforts. These are solutions for employee retention, customer retention, and consistent and predictable growth. In short, when you implement the things you'll learn at our live TLS event, you will increase your influence, your impact, and ultimately, your income! How exciting does that sound??

I'm looking forward to seeing you at our next live TLS Advantage Program! Click on the link below to register! 

Be well my friend, 


Three Ways the TLS Advantage Program will Equip You and Your Team to Rise Above Any Form of Competition!

Learn Natural Relationship and Leadership Skills That Work Specifically With Your Personality Style

Your ability to influence is the foundation of your ability to create impact and income. Without influence, your ability to impact will be minimal and your income will remain limited!

The foundation of the TLS Advantage Program is to equip people in sales or leadership to remove ANY conscious or subconscious limiting factors to their success in life and business. 

At the same time we're eliminating these limitations we'll also be equipping you to develop and utilize your own personal leadership and communication style. This combination will equip you to naturally influence anyone! Including all your customers! Now that's a competitive advantage!

Once you embrace this advantage and experience success at your next level, you'll begin desiring a life of significance! Isn't that what everyone's desiring? Sure it is!  But here's the truth, only those who develop the next level of skill, will get the level of result that creates significance!

Discover and Implement The UPI Natural Selling System

After you learn to identify each personality and behavior style, you'll need a natural engagement process that engages you and your customers in a journey that destines both of you for success! The UPI Selling System is that natural selling process!

How do we know this? The greatest leaders in history have used this method for centuries and the best of the best using it yet today! Isn't it funny how some things just never change?!

Sure, technology and other advancements will continually develop around us. But the human psychological design will remain the same. HOWEVER, it will respond differently to the stimulus of today! Are we changing our approaches to adjust to the change in buyer's stimulus?

The best of the best salespeople understand these leadership and communication changes required to know how to use them to their advantage resulting in increased influence, impact, and income for themselves and their clients!

Create Your Own Personal Growth and Development Plan

The number one way to grow the business is to grow the business owner. Who is a business owner? Anyone with a responsibility to deliver on the business at hand! That's all of us!

RESPONSE-ABILITY is simply the ABILITY to RESPOND in a favorable fashion! And if we're going to be leaders in our lanes of responsibility, it will require continuously improving our leadership and communication skills and abilities. The TLS Advantage program provides this continued training with a year-long mentorship program that follows the TLS Live event!

And here's another thing. We all want to be leaders in our industry right? Leadership is more about WHO you are than it is about WHAT you do! Think about it, if you want your organization to lead the industry, it must be equipped with leaders! Leaders don't worry about competition. Why? Because they ARE the competition! Their biggest competitor is themselves, yesterday! To get to that level and stay at that level, we must be growing every day!

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Join the TLS Advantage Program to increase your INFLUENCE first, your IMPACT second, and then finally, your INCOME!
INFLUENCE is the first cause to making an impact and more money! Do you want to increase your influence?


3 Major Bonuses Included with Your Ticket!

1 Year of Mentorship Calls!

 2 times, every single month, we have a call to go over a common issue in the sales and leadership space, and talk through some implementable solutions! We have found this to be one of the most beneficial bonuses with the program.

DISC Assessment and Report

The DISC Assessment is such an incredible concept, we have 2 trainings around the DISC itself! A large portion of our live training is dedicated to the DISC assessment, and it is one of the most popular takeaways from the TLS Advantage!

5 Mistakes of Goal Setting Mini-Course

It seems odd that we could be making mistakes while creating goals, right? But it happens! And these mistakes are all too common. With your ticket to the TLS Advantage, you get access to the mini course 'The 5 Mistakes of Goal Setting'!


By the way, if we haven't met up to this point, we're Kylen and Rebecca Hunt, founders of the TLS Advantage Program.

If you're going to develop your influence and become a leader in your industry, then who you learn from matters!

Kylen and Rebecca are passionate about three things. 
--Entrepreneurship in Small-Town America. Kylen and Rebecca believe the greatest leaders in our country are hidden inside small organizations in small communities across America. It's time to find, develop, and release that amazing leadership potential!
--Relationship with Family and God. Kylen and Rebecca believe that we're all created on purpose, for a purpose. One of the most important roles in life is to figure out that purpose and live it to the fullest! This begins by understanding the foundations of creation. Both spiritually and physically.
--The Preservation of our Nation. The greatest gift a human being can be given is freedom. Kylen and Rebecca have the highest respect for both the military and the farmer. The military protects the land and our farmers' produce from it! As citizens of this amazing country, Kylen and Rebecca believe both should be supported!
The second aspect of this is the conservation of our resources. Soil and water are the most valuable assets available to humans. Each of us doing our part to improve both, are important to our nations and our families' futures. 


Kylen has a very successful career as a leader in the precision ag industry. Specifically around water optimization and precision irrigation application processes. He's worked alongside and served the three largest ag retail distributors in the United States. He is also responsible for leading a team that recruited and developed over 300 independent entrepreneurs who have conserved untold amounts of our nation's water! 

This career has provided him access to some of the best leaders and tech developers in the agriculture industry. He is extremely grateful to each of them for what he's been able to learn and hopes that he can do his part to carry out the legacies they've started. And it must be mentioned, that the greatest mentor in his life what his Grandfather. During the challenging times of the 1980's, Kylen's Grandfather ingrained in Kylen the importance of adding value to people. It doesn't matter what life throws at you, it's important to continually find ways to add and deliver value to people. 

Rebecca has a 30-year career serving, managing, and leading teams in the restaurant and food industry. She's highly passionate about human connectivity and service. She firmly believes that taking ownership in leading ourselves and learning how to connect with the personality of others, will make the service and support aspects of any organization more enjoyable and effective. She serves as COO with KylenHunt & Co. Her biggest daily challenge? Keeping Kylen organized and on task!


Kylen and Rebecca are both certified John Maxwell Team members. Kylen is an Executive Director and has access to the best of John Maxwell and his entire team. 

Kylen and Rebecca are Certified Personality and Behavior Consultants. As business coaches, they know the importance of connecting personalities in business. The more you know about WHO you are, the easier it is to know WHAT TO DO for yourself and others.

See what some of our recent attendees are saying.....

Tyler G.

"If you are an entrepreneur, or want to own your own business, then you need to go through this program. To grow your business first you have to grow the business owner. From a non-business perspective you learn about why people act the way they do and you understand personalities better."

Tyson S.

"This two-day event has been very influential! Learning about the importance of value and learning to invest in each client was a huge eye-opener. Everything we covered will make me better at my job as well as make me better as a person at home.

Garrett J.

"This course did a great job in showing me how to do a better job with my customers. How to better understand who they are, what they're trying to accomplish, and what their issues are. This course shows the difference between every day salespeople and those who are leading in their industry"

Stephanie M.

"The biggest thing I learned about myself was the confidence aspect, and not to be afraid of knowing my stuff and taking that to my customer. The TLS Advantage program is not a cookie cutter approach and it's more of a leadership training and how to be a leader in our community."

David S.

"I got a lot out of learning how to sell to different personalities, and understanding personality types. I learned how to relate to people, and how people relate to me. I can turn that around and work how to connect with them better, and I think that will make me a better salesperson."

Eric B.

"The TLS Advantage taught me that I need to use my influence, and build my influence a little more. Then I have to take that, and build relationships with my clients and bringing it all together. My biggest takeaway was how to grow my inner self and relate to people, instead of just jumping into a sales pitch."

Alyssa D.

"I had a realization during the TLS Advantage Training that even though my personality type is different than a lot of other people in my space, I still have a way of connecting and leading using my personality. The training opened my eyes to using skills I have already to grow my business and make an impact."

Bret D.

"The biggest thing I learned was even though I've always known my inner personal skills to be high, I didn't realize that there were other skills that come to light in certain situations - and I can use that to my advantage. I think TLS Advantage is something everyone can benefit from, not just the sales industry."

Troy S.

"The TLS Advantage taught me that I need to use my influence, and build my influence a little more. Then I have to take that, and build relationships with my clients and bringing it all together. My biggest takeaway was how to grow my inner self and relate to people, instead of just jumping into a sales pitch."


TLS Advantage


(Full Retail Value of this Package Program = $8,491)

  • TLS Live Training Event ($4800 Value)
  • 1 Year of Mentorship Calls, 2x/month ($2600 value)
  • DISC Assessment and Report ($297 value)
  • The 5 Mistakes of Goal Setting Training Program ($497 Value)
  • The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth with Worksheets and Coaching Guide ($297 Value)
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A Closing Message from Kylen

"My most influential mentor once asked me, "Kylen, if you expect to be successful in life, what will you invest in yourself to be worthy of that success?" WOW! Did that put a different perspective on my life!
My friend, the TLS Advantage Program is a high-quality investment in YOURSELF! So let's address some of the feelings you may be having right now.
✅  I don't have the money right now... Ok. Look, I understand. For many, this is a good-sized investment. And believe me, there was a time a few years ago when paying for something of this nature was completely unrealistic for me also! Rest assured, I understand how you feel. Here's what my mentor asked me. "Kylen, if you're asking yourself can I make this investment, you're asking the wrong question. Instead ask yourself, HOW can I make this investment?"  You see, when you ask yourself, "HOW can I...", you're committed and now looking for an answer. Your subconscious mind will be working to your advantage at this point and you'll definitely find a way to make this investment.

✅  I don't have the time right now... Time is and will always be your most valuable resource - you definitely do NOT want to waste it! Let me ask, if you were to increase your leadership, communication, and connecting skills by 30% in what ways could you begin multiplying the value of time that you have? See, it's not the time that's important. It's what you're able to accomplish in the time that you have! If you could accomplish 30-50% more over the course of the next year, how valuable would that be to you?

✅  I've done sales training before and it wasn't that valuable... Me too! I've been to a LOT of training events that taught me SPIN Selling, ABC Selling, Qualitative Selling, etc. And while each of them was ok, they missed the most important aspect! THE PERSONAL SELLING STYLE THAT FITS YOUR UNIQUE PERSONALITY AND THE BUYERS UNIQUE PERSONALITY! I've had so many people tell me, "Just learn this system and it will work for anyone"! That's simply NOT true! The TLS Advantage is all about YOU learning how to create a system that fits YOU and your personal style of connecting and leading people to the outcomes they want and desire! Do you need a system? Sure you do! The TLS Advantage will teach you how to implement that system in a way that ONLY YOU can!