In 2018, after years in the precision ag industry, Kylen began focusing on a dream. Kylen had worked with numerous entrepreneurs, and the individuals they employed. His experience helped him to see a major problem. He quickly realized that this problem was not in the ag industry itself - but in business as a whole. Ineffective leadership was hurting businesses every single day! Ineffective leadership can lead to major issues. These include staffing issues, communication issues, and even customer facing issues. The ONLY way for businesses to succeed and grow in profit and value was to give those in leadership positions EFFECTIVE leadership training!

Kylen got to work. He poured his time and passion into growing his own leadership skills - even if you ask him today, he spends AT LEAST an hour a day on pure personal development. He decided then that he would create a way to get effective leadership training to entrepreneurs that really NEED it. Thus, 3iLife was born! Today, Kylen's dream has grown to include a small team of people. Our goal is to get powerful and valuable training to YOU!

Who is Kylen?

First and foremost, Kylen has been Rebecca's husband for almost 30 years. They raised 2 kids together, and now get to enjoy spending time with their 4 grandchildren. 
Throughout those 30 years, Rebecca stood behind Kylen as he pursued different opportunities. These included hands-on physical labor at numerous agricultural operations, taking to the road in an 18-wheeler for many years, and finally finding roots in small town Nebraska, and being given an opportunity to help grow an entire dealer network. 
Kylen gained experience being under many different types of management. As he worked his way to executive status, he knew he wanted to be less of a manager, and more of a leader. This is where his passion for leadership development began. For over 10 years now, Kylen has dedicated much of his time to becoming a more effective leader, and helping others do the same.
Kylen has now achieved Executive Director status with the John Maxwell Team, and is continuously learning and growing to help small business owners and teams find their own paths to success. 

Rebecca is a self-admitted nomad. Having moved numerous times as a child and while raising her kids, she loves discovering new places, and can always find positives in change. For now, Kylen and Rebecca have settled in Corning, IA, but love traveling to new places and experiencing different environments and cultures. Rebecca has an eye for photography, and her favorite subject is beautiful scenery. 

Rebecca has a heart for the service industry, and has spent the last 30 years working in the field. She has a passion for helping others, and a desire for bringing leadership and personal development to others in the service industry. 

Rebecca has been with Kylen since the beginning of 3iLife, but joined the John Maxwell Team in 2020, and is also a Certified DISC Consultant. Rebecca believes that a great company is nothing without excellent customer service.

Alyssa Desh is a small town raised big city dreamer. She has always had an interest in the behind-the-scenes operations that keep businesses functioning. Alyssa recognizes the importance of individual growth, and how it plays a larger role in any organization.   

 At 3iLife, Alyssa has taken on the role of Finance Lead, as she enjoys the bookkeeping and invoicing side of keeping a business going. Alongside those tasks, she assists in product development. Alyssa hopes to continue learning and branching out as her skills improve in areas of technology and finance management. 

 Alyssa currently resides in Omaha, NE with her husband, Bret, 2 beautiful kids, Everly & Oliver, and their sweet golden retriever, Chief. They love taking family adventures, especially taking their camper out during the warmer months.

Brittany Bolte always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Her mother started her own business while Brittany was in grade school. Brittany observed how rewarding it is to help people and make a difference, while also having the ability to own your own business. 

 Brittany’s first passion is agriculture; collaborating with producers to realize opportunity through balanced agronomics, high quality technology and personalized services. 

 Joining forces with 3iLife, gives Brittany the opportunity to help others in their leadership and personal growth journeys. She is excited to bring a new perspective to leadership and business development with her own personal experiences. Brittany just recently became certified through the John Maxwell Team, in March 2022!


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